Daylight Savings Russiagate

Sunday, March 8, 2020
Getting a late start this morning; I could blame daylight savings time, but the truth is we just slept in, and then I procrastinated. Sorry.

At NR Andy McCarthy, generally a voice of reason says End the FISA. It's long and detailed but read it anyway. A thread by Undercover Huber Within 4 days of the Trump Tower meeting being leaked to the media, Mueller’s FBI investigators interviewed a *key* witness who 100% backed up the account of @DonaldJTrumpJr & other participants "No collusion or info exchanged, lasted a few mins, mostly about adoptions 🚨" But the Mueller team let the press speculate endlessly about collusion with the Russians anyway.

Christopher Steele still trying to drum up business, Christopher Steele Discusses Dossier At University Event, Defends ‘What We Did’, from Chuck Ross at Da Caller. From Da Beast, Christopher Steele Whacks Mueller Report and ‘Bad Faith’ Team Trump. They were supposed to hang Trump!
Steele said he had been interviewed by Robert Mueller's team probing potential collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government for “two whole days” but said: “I was surprised that very little of what I had discussed with them appeared in the final report.”

He criticized the report for being “too narrow” and failing to follow up on crucial evidence. “There were many things about the report that were good… but other (aspects) that were not so good,” he said.
Just because none of it could be verified, is no reason not to trumpet it! But I guess getting his message out is not that important. Reuters, Trump 'dossier' author Christopher Steele rejects prosecutor's interview request. Perjury traps for thee but not for me.

Is she running again, hoping for a brokered conventions? WaFreeBee, Hillary Says No Regulation Bars Secretary of State From Using Private Email Server. Pompeo Disagrees.

whines, 'I'm the most investigated innocent person in America!' Hillary Clinton snaps back in new doc, insisting there is 'no regulation against' secret email server and that she and Bill deserve every cent of their $153m from Wall Street speeches (Da Mail).

And harkening back to the good old days of Shampeachment follies, From the Hill, Arrest McGahn? House hints of possibility in court filing on subpoenas.
Last week, a three-judge D.C. Circuit panel ruled that Congress doesn’t have the right to have courts enforce its subpoenas, and instead pointed to political tools the House can use to check a president who blocked congressional oversight efforts.

The House lawyers wrote Friday that those tools “only invite further constitutional brinkmanship and are poor substitutes for judicial subpoena enforcement,” such as using Congress’s inherent contempt power to arrest officials who could then bring legal challenges to their detention.

“The House could direct its Sergeant at Arms to arrest current and former high-level Executive Branch officials for failing to respond to subpoenas, after which the legal issues dividing the branches would then be litigated through habeas actions,” the House lawyers wrote. “But arrest and detention should not be a prerequisite to obtaining judicial resolution of the enforceability of a Congressional subpoena.”

Among the criticisms of the panel’s decision in Friday’s petition, the House pointed out that the three judges appeared to agree that courts could decide whether Congress can enforce its subpoenas if presented with those legal challenges to detention.

“Under the panel’s logic, to obtain resolution of the legal question here, the House must direct its Sergeant at Arms to arrest McGahn,” the House wrote. “The Court would be faced with the same legal issues in McGahn’s inevitable habeas petition and would surely find them appropriate for judicial consideration.”
Fine. Do it. Hot Air quotes Norman Eisen at NYT, Yes, Impeaching Trump Was Absolutely Worth It It made him feel so good.

From Just the News, In Ukraine subpoena, Romney revives questions of flip flops and double standards. If it weren't for double standards, he'd have no standards at all. Except maybe that underwear thing. From John Kass at RCP, To Fight Biden, Sanders Should Learn How to Say 'Comeback Kid' in Ukrainian. Will Bernie dare mention Ukraine given his Soviet and Cuban fetish? To beat Biden, just let Sloe Joe talk. He beats himself. 
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