Cardinal Virtues

Saturday, March 28, 2020
I get these letters once in a while; I suppose every blogger does, and I ignore most of them. But this time I'll bite.
Garth here from, online publication dedicated to sharing the beauty of birds and nature.

I’m reaching out to you because I read your article here and wanted to see if you’d be interested in a small collab.

We recently created a practical guide on how to attract cardinals to your backyard - thought it would make an excellent addition to your piece.
Perhaps you’d be interested in linking to it because it’s a practical resource that helps your readers enjoy nature in their own backyard?

I wouldn’t ask unless I was sure it would add real value to your piece.
I’ll let you be the judge though, check it out here:

What do you think?
So what are his tips for attracting Cardinals?

1. Use Cardinal Specific Feeders . . .

Our Droll Yankees YCPT-360 021964205300 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Yankee Tipper, seems to work, and squirrels try, but don't beat it.

2. Tempt With Right Treats . . .

Sunflower and safflower seeds seem to work.

3. Place Feeder to The Right Location . . .

We must have gotten lucky. We just hung off ours off the back deck.

4. Offer a Water Source (Preferably Moving) . . .

We do have a water bowl nearby, but it's not moving.

5. Keep Your Feeders Full at All Times . . .

We're just lucky we remember to eat.

6. Encourage Ground-Feeding for Variety & Security . . .

The birds knock the seed around onto the deck, and the ground beneath, and the Juncos really seem to like that better than the feeder.

7. Offer Protective Shelter . . .

Plenty of trees nearby, although we did take down a nearby apple that wasn't doing much.

8. Provide Nesting Material . . .

Does Husky underfur count? Because we have gobs of it. We hang up small basket stuffed with it. I've never seen a Cardinal take any, though. Chickadees love it.

9. Prevent Frozen Water . . .

Nothing really fancy, but we break it up if it freezes on top. Hasn't been much of problem this winter though.

10. Remove Reflective Surfaces . . .

Not getting rid of our windows, and big glass door. Sorry.

11. Avoid Predator-Accessible Feeding Areas . . .

The dog keeps most predators out of the yard, although hawks occasionally hang out in the woods nearby.

12. Keep the Feeders Clean . . .

They can do their own damn dishes (but Georgia does clean the feeder once in while).

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